Dear Fellow Americans,

How did a country founded on freedom and limited government end up with the largest, most intrusive government in world history?

Well, there’s no easy answer, except to say that the process has been ongoing for a long time, and that it won’t change as long as the Democrat and Republican parties continue to dominate the political system in the United States.

Gradualism has been the preferred method to get Americans over time to accept that which previously was unacceptable. “Lines in the sand” that are drawn eventually are overwhelmed and forgotten as they disappear under the ever rolling tide of liberalism, socialism, secularism, corporatism, and the rest of the agenda of the power structure.

  • Remember the “line in the sand” that was drawn to never accept homosexuals in the military? Washed away.
  • Remember the “line in the sand” against homosexual marriage, a concept that was unfathomable throughout almost all of American history? Going, going, nearly gone.
  • Remember the “line in the sand” opposing women serving in combat? Gone, with nary a peep of protest.
  • Remember the “line in the sand” opposing amnesty to illegal aliens? Quickly disappearing.
  • Remember the “line in the sand” opposing gun control? Certainly it’s wavering more than it used to.

All of these are very recent examples of gradualism. No matter what your age, you can remember many more examples of traditional values and ways of thinking being replaced by what had always been considered abnormal, immoral and sometimes even subversive ideas and policies.

Why is there no real sustained political opposition to the ever-pervasive tide of liberal gradualism? Because the Republican Party is not an effective opposition to the Democrat Party, more like a junior partner in crime.

And it’s not just in the realm of social issues that there is no opposition to the onslaught of an unaccountable Big Government and its tentacles. Republicans and Democrats together have wrecked America’s industrial might through the bipartisan policies of “free trade” and offshoring. Both parties are subservient to banking and corporate interests, which is why the working and middle classes are losing ground while the super-rich continue to accumulate more wealth.

The sad fact is that America makes very little of value any more, and on top of that, Americans are living through the still early stages of a prolonged economic depression. Contrary to the claims of establishment media cheerleaders, there is no ongoing economic “recovery,” only more looting of the wealth of what’s left of the productive element in America.

But this isn’t our parents’ or grandparents’ America. The United States was a country that had a homogeneous culture and value system during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Over the past 75 years, the social engineers who dominate the Republicans and Democrats and all institutions of power have remade the United States into a fractured, dumbed-down, third worldish society, which is why America’s economic troubles are not going to go away any time soon no matter how much “quantitative easing” the Federal Reserve engages in.

The United States has been hollowed out, economically and morally. Depravity and downright evil are glorified by the corporate media. The banksters and gangsters running things have a blank check to continue their crimes, while the average American remains trapped in a maze of laws, regulations and taxes that stifle small businesses and drain the wealth of an ever growing number of families.

It’s time to face some unpleasant facts. Americans used to say “It can’t happen here.” Well, it can and has. The United States has become unrecognizable. In addition to the items mentioned above, the federal government is daily constructing a high-tech police and surveillance state. Washington engages in endless undeclared and sometimes even secret wars of aggression abroad. U.S. drones are killing civilians in a large and growing number of countries and within a few years 30,000 drones are scheduled to be flying in the U.S., watching Americans. All this while the southern border with Mexico is still left mostly open and the Border Patrol is grossly undermanned.

The Democrats and Republicans are far more alike than they are different. Both take turns sharing the spoils of power while shutting out alternative political parties. The vast majority of Americans no longer have leaders that represent their interests. It’s time to break up the Democrat-Republican monopoly and return America to Americans. The solution: It’s time to regain our freedom by supporting the American Freedom Party.

What is the American Freedom Party? We are a new and dynamic grassroots political organization which is dedicated to building a powerful pro-American political party to challenge the powers that be. We already have members in all 50 states and intend to be a force to be reckoned with by the 2016 presidential election, if not sooner in local and state elections.

What does the American Freedom Party stand for? We stand for traditional American freedom. We reject the “left-right” and “liberal-conservative” paradigms as outdated and no longer appropriate for dealing with our country’s many very serious problems. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to any “ism,” be it conservatism, libertarianism, or nationalism, and certainly not socialism, globalism, liberalism and feminism; rather we advocate maximum liberty within a framework of limited government and traditional morality.

Thus, we view every issue from a pro-freedom perspective. For example, we believe in freedom from the immigration invasion. Americans never wanted their country to be overwhelmed and fundamentally altered by allowing tens of millions of legal and illegal immigrants to enter and drain endless billions of taxpayer dollars in services. A free country defends its borders by securing them, and the American Freedom Party will construct a well-armed security fence along the entire southern border when it takes power.

The AFP believes in the unregulated freedom to keep and bear arms, period. We understand and appreciate that the Second Amendment represents the last bulwark of freedom against a tyrannical government.

We believe in the freedom to live without the imposition of various ideologies being imposed on Americans, as in a free society people live their day-to-day lives as they wish, without being molded like guinea pigs.

The American Freedom Party believes in freedom of association, and the right of all peoples and nations to self-determination, including the right of secession, while opposing the exploitation or oppression of any country or group of people.

We believe in freedom from oppressive taxation. The Internal Revenue Service with its thousands and thousands of indecipherable and arbitrarily enforced regulations needs to be abolished and replaced with a modest national consumption tax that can fund the legitimate functions of the federal government.

The American Freedom Party believes in freedom from oppressive, unaccountable government. The size of the federal government must be greatly reduced and the welfare/warfare state ended by restricting the government only to those powers granted to it by the Constitution, and returning control of government to the people at the local and state levels.

We believe in the freedom to live in a healthy and moral society. A free people in a healthy society have strong family and marital bonds. Militant feminism and radical homosexuality have been foisted on the American people against their will. It’s time to end the hatred and demonization of men in the media and the bias against men in family law and return to a harmonious and positive balance between men and women that benefits society and nuclear and extended families.

We believe Americans have the right to live free from the regulations or control of any internationalist organizations.

We believe in fair ballot access laws and fair elections, including a return to the paper ballot.

If you understand the uncompromising principles of sovereignty, morality, self-reliance and self-responsibility, then you understand Freedom and Liberty. American Freedom was and is a precious thing, a rarity in world history, but it cannot exist without a knowledgeable and active citizenry. It is time to recognize that the United States has been taken over by those beholden to concepts and interests that are harmful to our nation and that the American People are no longer free nor in control of their destiny.

We are living in a dark era where not only freedom is under direct attack, but even truth. The institutions of power and control have essentially merged into one giant organism, one that does not trust or believe in the American People.

Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: 1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the highest classes; 2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of the public interests.

“In every country these two parties exist, and in every one they are free to think, speak, or write, they will declare themselves.”

The American Freedom Party wishes to represent the American People and return our nation to greatness. You can be part of the solution by joining the American Freedom Party for 2013 for just $30. For an additional $25 you also receive a year’s subscription to The Nationalist Times newspaper, the hard-hitting 20-page monthly voice of the AFP, which is more than half off the regular subscription price.

Joining the American Freedom Party doesn’t affect how you are registered to vote. It is a gesture of support to help the AFP grow and reach more concerned Americans while there is still time.

America can yet be saved from the slide toward degradation and totalitarianism. But it will take new ideas and a new uncompromising political organization to reverse the current very strong slide toward total government control of every aspect of our lives.

Freedom — it’s worth fighting for, now and always. Please help the American Freedom Party today!


William D. Johnson, Esq., National Chairman
American Freedom Party
9811 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 2-441
Las Vegas, NV 89117

What Will You Do Without Freedom?