America’s economy has been grossly mismanaged to the detriment of our people for decades. The ruling elite has accelerated an anti-national agenda each year. We have also been experiencing the disastrous results of wide-scale faith in corrupt financial institutions. The American Freedom Party supports a nationalist economic policy emphasizing ethical business practices and local community economic well-being.

The AFP supports “fair trade” as opposed to the so-called “free trade” policies which have led to the systematic deindustrialization of America. Until about 1970, Americans produced almost all of the products that we consumed. Unfair imports from Third World countries must be restricted to necessitate American re-industrialization. This can be accomplished through a myriad of means including tariffs and quotas domestically, and diplomatic pressure on foreign countries. The AFP-led US will also apply pressure to international financial and economic organizations to gain beneficial influence and international economic standing. Manufacturing expertise and technology relies on our ability to produce innovators and skilled workers. Therefore, in the reorganization of the education system, we will account for more Americans going into high-performing trades. America must regain a strong manufacturing base to remain an influential world power.

In this modern-day, White American tax dollars are aggressively obtained to be funneled into programs to benefit so-called minorities, criminals, and other unproductive members of society. The AFP will cut all programs that enable otherwise able citizens to be unproductive non-contributors. We see these programs as enabling spiritually degenerate behavior and incentivizing the proliferation of the least productive elements of our Nation. That being said, social safety nets are perfectly reasonable when implemented correctly, but these programs should be coupled with work for the good of the community, not just a handout.

The AFP will also encourage thrift and personal saving, as opposed to the current consumer-debt culture that has poisoned our Nation and way of life. A balanced budget should also be pursued at all levels of government wherever possible.

The Federal Reserve – a central bank made up of privately-owned member banks – loans money to our government at interest. Commercial banks also create money through lending to businesses and citizens. Both practices involve creating money out of thin air. To restore ownership of the American economy to its rightful owners, the AFP will nationalize the Federal Reserve, and reorganize it into a truly national bank with accountability to the people. As a result, the government will once again have the sole right to print, issue, and regulate money. Accordingly, the entire banking system would be subject to appropriate ethical constraints.

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  • May 8, 2023 at 2:38 pm

    The Federal Reserve Bank was planned from its very beginning as a swindle and a hoax.

    One of the ways in which it was allowed to operate is because the devil-Jews who set it up PROMISED that if they were given control of the country’s money, they GUARANTEED that as bankers and professional financiers that there would never be any more recessions of depressions with the Jews at the controls. But once the Jews got control of the money supply and got the FED operating smoothly, they engineered the World War I.

    Then the Jewish bankers financed the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 — financed with the money they had swindled from the American People. As reward for getting America into WWI, they leveraged the creation of the State of Israel. And then the bankers purposely created the Great Depression, wherein nobody had any money except the Jews who bought up America for pennies on the dollar.

    After that, with that treasonous, full-blooded Jew, Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President, the Jews swindled America into World War II with themselves in total control of the war effort industries and the arming of the USSR with money supplied by the American taxpayers. Meanwhile the Jews who controlled the American Media lied to the American people about everything, including the Jewish genocide of 65 million white Russian Christians under the authority of the Jews who controlled Russia.

    So, the only way to “reform” the US banking system, is to recognize the crimes of the Jewish bankers, to arrest every one of them along with their extended family members and to keep them in prison until the Jewish bankers re-pay every penny which they have swindled from the American people — beginning in 1914 when the FED was legalized.

    We do not owe the FED anything. The so-called National Debt is a hoax. The Jews owe us trillions of dollars. The Jew bankers have committed treason and grand larceny. It’s time they paid for their crimes against humanity and against the USA.

    And even though the Jews claim that their banks are too big to be allowed to fail, what is becoming increasingly clear is that no matter how big the banks are, the necks of the Jews are never too big to fit into rope nooses.


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