Election Rigged, But Why?

It is now almost certain that the election was rigged. With reports of unexplained truckloads of votes mysteriously all for Biden; crazy, mathematically impossible juts in the graphs; election officials refusing observers entry into counting offices; and if that was not enough — covering up the windows of said offices with cardboard. All of this leads one to believe, and rightfully so, that Democrats rigged this presidential election.

It stands to reason, as the suspicious activities taking place have occurred in major urban cities, all headed by Democrats, and favors the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. However, if this was a Democrat operation for the benefit of the Democratic Party, I believe you would see fraud not just in the presidential election, but in the House and the Senate too. This seems to have not come to pass, which prompts the question, who is doing the rigging, and what is their motivation? The answer is a simple one, it is the powers that have been influencing our elections for decades now, they are our people’s greatest enemy and supposedly our nation’s greatest ally, and they are only defrauding only Trump for one reason: what he represents.

The opponents of European Americans have wanted Trump out of office ever since November of 2016. Trump rose to power on a wave of populism or more specifically an American Nationalism which was fundamentally white. We observed this through Trump’s supporters and his encouragement of traditional American values. When 2016 had passed and 2017 arrived, President Trump was sworn in, and efforts began on blocking any attempts he made to enact his agenda, and the long term plan of co-option began. Trump wound up accomplishing very little, and ultimately the nationalist portions of his agenda were not enacted. In most other circumstances, Trump would be allowed to serve an additional term, but Trump had done something unforgivable, in his campaigning, he woke up a dormant White American Nationalism.

This manifested in both a spike in White participation in the voting process and a newfound rise of White identity and community in politics. This fact is an unforgivable one. Even though Trump ultimately allowed himself to be co-opted, this would not save him. In speaking to implicitly White interests, Trump became an avatar of patriotic White people all over the county. This sealed his fate, no matter how many chunks of Arab land he gave to Israel, no matter how much he reoriented his campaign around Black and Mexican unemployment. Trump gave the true American people hope, and that made him a one-term president. The ultimate result of this election, neo-liberalism has a stranglehold from both hands, and one is red and one is blue. The Biden years, bearing Trump doesn’t win in court to take back the election, will be characterized by oppressive capitalism, and rapacious anti-Whitelist, anti-Americanisms, and liberalism.

Additionally, the next few weeks will be chaotic and unpredictable, but chaos and opposition breed opportunity. Now is the time for our movement to grow, and eventually, we must answer the call to defend our people and our country.

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