The American Freedom Party insists upon the nuclear family unit as the standard for our society. Men and women must be encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, with men as the head of household and women as the homemaker. With the push of hyper-sexuality and women being pressured into joining the workforce, the nuclear family is being diminished to the point of near extinction.

Family is the core of any community, but the relationship between the sexes has been perverted to the point of men believing that women are an objectified tool from which they should seek sexual gratification. In return, women have been taught to forgo the duty of motherhood in preference to a career. This philosophy is predicated on a hedonistic and materialistic view of life, and real fulfillment has been replaced with artificial happiness in the form of career success and empty relationships.

When the family unit falls apart, so does the community as a whole. The AFP recognizes the importance of a wholesome family unit and endorses the traditional relationship between men and women. As men resume the role as head of household and the breadwinner, women should stay at home and focus on taking care of their family. As we embrace the nuclear family, children will be raised to be moral and healthy citizens.

The American Freedom Party is committed to pro-natal programs. As such, we will enact policies incentivizing European-American families to bear children. This will, in turn, support American women to become responsible mothers who will raise children. Our posterity is at stake, and by again making the nuclear family customary in the United States, our future will be secured.

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