The American Freedom Party consists of two main branches: the Workforce and the Actionforce. The Workforce is responsible for duties such as organizational administration, media production, managing political campaigns, among many other duties. The Actionforce, meanwhile, targets younger members and is responsible for general activism, campaign activism, staffing party functions, as well as other essential localized duties. Members can be involved in both the Workforce and the Actionforce, as long as they are willing to handle the workloads of both.


The Workforce is key to all organizational output. Everything that has and will be released by the American Freedom Party has been worked on by at least one Workforce member. Members of this branch are expected to dedicate a certain amount of time measured in the form of productivity each week. The Workforce has many duties covering a wide range of fields. Going into specifics would go beyond the scope of an introduction and everyone is encouraged to inquire about the details, so here is a generalized list of the Workforce’s duties:

  • Housing important staffing positions such as legal and financial personnel. Talented people with such credentialed expertise are key to the party’s success.
  • Building and maintaining the party’s information technology infrastructure, social media & web presence, and internal collaboration tools.
  • Running and staffing electoral campaigns, though the ground activity is performed by Actionforce members, important behind-the-scenes work is performed by our Workforce Members.

Working on the party’s many projects–the party is always working on constructing new ways to strengthen our influence and increased involvement.
The departments responsible for new accessions and personnel management are both staffed by Workforce Members. Duties such as vetting new members and maintaining party rosters.

We are always looking for new Workforce Members. If you think you have a skill that will help your people’s cause, don’t hesitate to inquire!


The Actionforce targets younger, more physically active members who are interested in spreading the word through activism and other local activity. If you have ever interacted with an official AFP activist, they were almost certainly a member of this branch. Actionforce members are expected to do a certain amount of activism each month and participate in all local activities whenever able. When compared to the Workforce, the Actionforce is certainly the more location-oriented of the branches.
The Actionforce is responsible for several duties, chief among these are:

  • Plans and carries out general activism, ranging from flyering to full-scale marches, bringing awareness to the party and our cause.
  • Carries out activism for targeted campaigns. This could be an electoral campaign, a policy campaign, or a counter-opposition campaign.
  • Takes part in local party activities such as regular Actionforce meetups or other non-activism comradeship-building exercises.
  • Staffing party events & functions (e.g. food servers, ushers, performing ceremonial duties).

The party can always use more Actionforce Members. If you think you have what it takes, don’t hesitate to inquire.

While the AFP does have the two branches that maintain the party itself, we also have (or intend to build) several special interest groups in order to encourage supporter involvement for those who do not want to be as deeply involved as the two main branches require.

Your First Steps:

Becoming affiliated with the AFP as a Supporter is easy! Complete our join form and send it with payment to get registered or have your Supporter affiliation renewed.

If you want to be involved in the party as a Member (i.e. someone who volunteers for the party), simply send an inquiry to to begin your vetting process–be sure to include your name or pseudonym and use an email you want registered with the party. Our support team will contact you with helpful information and coordinate a time to discuss. Please keep in mind that after your first interview, you will be requested to register with the party as a Supporter before you can continue your vetting process.

If you want to join Columbia’s Legions, you will have to be registered as a Supporter first. After your registration has been confirmed, send an inquiry to Be sure to include your name or pseudonym as well as your AFP registration email.