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Beginning June 1st, AFP membership dues are $25 per year. Membership includes access to Activist materials, access to Party functions, an optional subscription to American Free Press, and special rates on AFP literature.

American Free Press newspaper is now also the voice of American Freedom PartyAmerican Free Press has been educating Americans about the systematic plundering of their resources and way of life and what they can do about it since 1985. Published bi-monthly, American Free Press is a newspaper that pulls no punches, that has no ‘sacred cows’ or taboos to observe. The hour is too critical for anything but brutally honest dialogue of America’s plight.

American Free Press features the best writers and best information and commentary to be found anywhere and is an invaluable resource for all concerned Americans, and now each issue contains all the latest news on the activities of AFP. American Free Press, a voice of the American Freedom Party, is available to new members at the special rate of $35 with a New Membership ($67 Total) or $35 with Membership Renewal ($60 Total). Published since 1985, anyone may subscribe to American Free Press at American Free Press | America’s Last Real Newspaper(Note: This special subscription rate is available only for AFP Members who are new or former subscribers; it is not a general renewal rate for current subscribers.)

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