Million MAGA March

Three American Freedom Party activists, drove to Washington DC for the Million MAGA march, toward the rental property they rented for the weekend. As we drove, we prepared for whatever the next day’s march may bring. We arrived safely, rested for the night, woke up the next day, and made our way to Freedom Plaza. There, we met up with other patriots, and the march began. During the march, we passed out flyers, and from what we could discern from the recipient’s reactions, the flyers seemed to be well-received. This is in fact the primary reason for why we went to the march. We did not make our way out there to simply support Donald Trump, but instead to spread our message to potentially like-minded people.

A large contingent of the America First movement was there, and during the march we stopped to listen to Nick Fuentes’ and Patrick Casey’s speeches. They were of decent quality and did their job of riling up the crowd. In terms of the attendees, it was mostly made up of a mix of older Republican Party activists, and younger Trump fanatics. The messaging and signage varied from person to person and from demographic to demographic. Some carried simple stop the steal signs, while others carried Republican Party talking points. There was some pro-homosexual messaging in some of the signage and flags displayed, but this is to be expected considering the current trajectory of the Republican Party.

The general attitude of the marchers was somewhat mixed, but it was uplifting to see a large portion of people were quite fed up with the Charlie Kirk “Conservative Inc.” insufficiently conservative types, and wanted something different. In terms of counter-protesters, they were largely insignificant until the evening when the march dwindled. None of our activists were targeted, but there were reports of non-lethal left-wing extremist attacks and general violence. From what we could see during the day and night, the Proud Boys in particular performed valiantly in battle when they were attacked by BLM and Antifa.

To conclude, it was clear to us that the usual Republican Party members are making their way towards our way of looking at things. Unfortunately, the GOP is well-equipped to handle this recent populist upswing. If there is anything that the Grand Old Party is good at, it is quarantining and ultimately silencing the opinions of patriotic European-American people. It is evident to us that the patriotic true Americans in the GOP have to leave the Republican Party plantation. Let this be a message to all fervent Trump supporters and MAGApedes. When Trump is eventually gone, whether that be in a few months or four years, there will be no place for your point of view in the Republican Party. The GOP will continue to be the democrats of 15 years ago, because in their hearts, the Republican Party leadership do not care about your interests. As long as we exist, the American Freedom Party will always be the patriot’s party, and will be ready to defend White American’s interest by any means available to us. The more we grow, the more we can defend, and there is definitely a place for you.

Hail Columbia!

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