Our Platform

The American Freedom Party stands on a platform that is predicated on the preservation of our traditional European roots as well as a much-needed revolutionary change. We are strong in our conviction that when our policies addressing these 11 points are enacted by a government of the true American People, we will usher in a new age for this country, and bring America to heights greater than she has ever been before.

Political Power for the True American Nation!


Number 1Protect the American People: From its founding, America has been a country for and by European people. This is how our founding fathers intended it, and how many of our succeeding leaders have maintained it. Now, the United States is undergoing a massive demographic change that if not stopped will change the character of our country, and the American culture and creed will be lost forever. The American Freedom Party will stop all immigration into the United States and reverse this demographic trend.

Number 2Our Right to Bear Arms: The universal right to firearm ownership is integral to the American People’s freedom, culture, and way of life. The American Freedom Party supports the Second Amendment and will seek to abolish unreasonable laws pertaining to firearms.

Number 2A Clean & Moral Society: The American Freedom Party believes in strong and intact families that are capable of raising morally upright and healthy citizens. Thus we stand against the forces of feminism, sexual degeneracy, and social degeneracy as they seek to destroy the nuclear family. We seek to end the ongoing war on European masculinity. It is the men who must lead, and if men are no longer masculine, they will be ineffective leaders. We also seek to implement pro-natal policies that will incentivize American couples to have children and encourage American women to become responsible mothers.

Number 2Ending Anti-White Programs: The American Freedom Party, when in power, will end all anti-White programs such as affirmative action, quotas, and all forms of Anti-White education. These programs seek solely to disadvantage Americans of European descent. If not to disadvantage, then to racially abuse Americans of European descent by telling them and their non-European counterparts that true Americans are evil, privileged, and deserve punishment. We see these programs as a prelude to the genocide of the true American People.

Number 2The People’s Sovereignty: The American Freedom Party is firm in its conviction that the American Nation must be protected. Our right to associate with whoever we want must be codified into law.

Number 2War: America grows weary from ambiguous and open-ended military conflicts projected around the world that do not serve the people’s interests. When our party gains power, we intend to end these pointless engagements. With that said, the American Freedom Party maintains that the survival of the American Nation and her European sister nations is paramount among all things. For us, war is a means by which our people’s survival is secured rather than an enterprise. As such, war should only be declared if it is in our Nation’s and/or our European civilization’s vital interests.

Number 2The Environment: The American Freedom Party believes in protecting our environment. A clean environment can be promoted through a balanced approach that does not harm the livelihood of the people. We can embrace new technologies and resource gathering strategies that will take better care of the land that our children will inherit.

Number 2Law & Order: The American Freedom Party believes that a society can only function if it has order. The appropriate amount of law enforcement must be applied in appropriate areas, and criminals should not be afforded undue leniency for any reason.

Number 2Corporations: The United States today is in many ways controlled by corporations headed by individuals that seek to do the American Nation harm. As a result, the American Freedom Party will bring these corporations to heel, and the hostile elements within will be kicked out and replaced. It must be understood that these giant oligopolies are American corporations, and they exist to improve the economy and lives of the American people. If they work against the nation’s interest, they should be forced to serve it instead.

Number 2Our Posterity: American children today are not taught any lessons about their heritage, nor are taught to have good character. In addition, they are subjected to anti-White American and anti-traditional education. The American Freedom Party believes that training of character comes before intellectual education. Thus the education system must be reformed, and extracurricular activities must be organized to train children in character and health.

Number 2Rebuilding our Culture: The American Freedom Party believes the state should take part in speaking on, and influencing culturally significant items. When in power, we will establish regulatory bodies to provide oversight and approval processes for culturally significant items to ensure they do not promote destructive behavior. Items subject to such regulation would include movies, TV shows, professional music, professional art, and clothing, all to promote and maintain a healthy and respectable culture. Culture is something that must be monitored and guided to keep it from becoming unhealthy and degenerate, something which has already taken root.

This platform cannot simply be enacted one-by-one in a piecemeal fashion by the likes of Republicans or Democrats–our platform is a revolutionary one. Only through the enactment of this platform by an AFP-led government can our people be saved. We shall bring about the rebirth and revitalization of our Nation, filled with freedom, self-determination, and prosperity in perpetuity. Join the American Freedom Party to make this future a reality.