Patriot Front: A New Story of Suppression

In the last hour, Patriot Front organized a peaceful march in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a march of around fifty to one hundred people, consisting of holding American Flags and displaying a banner with their rallying cry “Reclaim America” inscribed on it. They chanted ‘Who loves America? We love America.’, but this expression of nationalism and free speech was apparently unacceptable in the eyes of Philadelphia’s governing body. They were verbally assaulted by hecklers and people attempted to engage in violence against them, which is unsurprising in a leftist city, but it did not take long at all before nearly every single police unit in the city in Philadelphia was called to the scene.

A SWAT team, bomb squad, and K9 units were all reportedly called to the scene as well. Every member detained was searched, in addition, their vehicles were thoroughly searched by police. All of this because a small number of White men decided to take part in a peaceful, organized march. From bystander videos posted on Instagram and Twitter, they stayed calm while people screamed deranged insults at them. This was a drastic overreaction to the march and shows a bias against White Americans. When Black Lives Matter was rioting and burning down city blocks, we saw the “leaders” of this country actively advocating for BLM’s cause, and issued no meaningful condemnation of the violence occurring in our cities.

Lessons can be learned from what happened tonight. First, any type of protest by White Americans and/or the dissident right, in general, is risky in this current political climate. We should always expect this sort of reaction from law enforcement. Second, extensive vetting is required from the people attending these sorts of events, as we can see that it is easy to call in a tip on a protest, which will result in the protest being shut down. Third, law enforcement is not on our side. They are employed by the state, which would love to arrest and reveal the identities of members of dissident organizations for simply expressing their opinions. The state is not afraid to abuse its power in response to protests like this. They will use law enforcement to cause as much trouble for Patriot Front and others like them as they possibly can.

Using nationalist rhetoric in this day and age is all but forbidden. Bystanders called them Nazis, and countless Tweets went out saying Patriot Front was using dangerous, extremist language. Expressing love for this country is now considered a radical, hateful sentiment. The event tonight needs to be broadcast to every nationalist organization in our country, as it is a stark reminder of the situation we find ourselves in. There is no longer a need for a legal basis to detain dissidents like this. Patriot Front did nothing wrong. Instead, they committed a much more serious offense in our government’s eyes, they expressed traditional, nationalist views, and for it, they were punished. Though they had no cause to arrest them and had to release them, they prevented them from using the same vehicles they came in. This essentially left every member of Patriot Front stranded, surrounded by enemies.

We hear the message loud and clear. Our opinions are no longer acceptable to express, either online or in the form of protesting. No matter how peaceful, any type of march will be stopped with force, if necessary. This was a deliberate attack, a deliberate attempt to dox every person that showed up to that march tonight. If these people had their way, they would be arrested and their lives would be ruined. As it is, depending on the person that was driving each truck transporting the members, they will most likely be financially burdened by the tickets they will undoubtedly receive for transporting unsecured people in a trailer. If one of them was Thomas Rousseau himself, the entire Patriot Front organization could be at extreme risk.

We know that someone quite easily called in a false tip about a bomb at this protest, and that person will almost surely face no punishment for possibly ruining up to one hundred lives. These White Americans were advocating for their people and their nation’s values and their posterity. As it stands, we do not fully know the consequences of this shutdown tonight, but rest assured that we will take heed of what happened. Be careful. To those who have not realized it yet, law enforcement is simply another arm of this illegitimate government that is used against our people, and when one organizes events like this, each member must be thoroughly vetted, and under a legally binding agreement not to disclose. These are no longer optional organizational frills, but necessities for survival. Every single member of this march could lose their livelihoods, and be disowned by their family. This is no longer a petty struggle for relevance and power. We know now that this is a war, and we must engage in a political struggle to win it.

Hail Victory!

Hail Patriot Front!

Hail Columbia!

One thought on “Patriot Front: A New Story of Suppression

  • July 19, 2023 at 6:34 pm

    Although your closing comments are accurate — “This is no longer a petty struggle for relevance and power. We know now that this is a war, and we must engage in a political struggle to win it.” — however, your conclusions are not accurate. No one can hit a baseball or sink a hole-in-one by taking his eyes off of the ball. Just as in something as simple as a sports game, war and politics requires that you keep your eyes on the enemy. At the very least, one must know who the enemy is. By not knowing the enemy, you will lose every confrontation. This is a main problem in all Patriotic and pro-Nationalist and pro-American groups. None of them know who the Enemy is or, if they suspect at all, they pussy-foot around the Problem and avoid discussing the Enemy in the hopes that the Enemy will go away or ignore them.

    America and Caucasian Europe has had the same Eternal Enemy which has plagued our people since the Romans first brought the demon-Jews into Europe. You folks want to march around and express your Constitutional Rights as free Americans, but you do not understand that the demon-Jews own the Media and they have a spy system imbedded into every Jewish Community Center which can pass along through the internet and cell phones, orders to a million members within an hour. Jesus taught that the Jews are Devils but nobody believes Jesus anymore, they believe the lying Jews who claim to be the “Children of God” and not devils at all. Right?

    So, a little group like the Patriot Front with a few score of members can certainly be effective when properly deployed, but not if you do not realize that every demon-Jew in your state and county instantly calls the local police and news networks and every place that they can think of to cause you trouble. AntiFa and Black Lives Matter are ADMITTED Communist revolutionary groups. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were all Jews. The Democratic Party has been Jewish and Communist since 1856 when the Rothschild operative Alphonse Belmont became Chairman of the Party. And you have demon-Jews like George Soros who has swindled hundreds of millions of people out of their life savings, using his billions of stolen wealth to finance every Jewish and Communist group in the USA to fight against your small numbers with OVERWHELMING vindictive mendacity to cause all of you to be AFRAID to do anything to preserve the Republic. THEY WANT YOU TO BE AFRAID OF THEM. It’s called “terrorism.”

    So, I do not agree with your idea that Americans must seek a POLITICAL struggle to solve the problems, simply because the treasonous Jews and their AntiFa devils are obviously engaged in a PHYSICAL AND VERY REAL WAR against America and the American People. Politics is useful but at this time, politics is too late. We need to be DOXING, IDENTIFYING, LOCATING AT THEIR HOMES AND ELIMINATING these traitors on a consistent basis. They have already declared war upon us. They use every dirty trick that they can to cause us unending troubles and they are the ones who SHOULD BE AFRAID OF US.

    Starting with the Jewish rabbis, Jewish financiers like George Soros, the Leftist, Treasonous Jews in the Media, the AntiFa leaders (who are mostly Jews) and everyone else who dares to speak treason and Communism against the USA and against patriotic Americans, is an enemy. You decide for yourself how to deal with people who are attempting to Genocide the entire White Race throughout Europe and the USA, to destroy your family and ruin your life. It is not a difficult decision to make. But trying to use Constitutional, Legal and Political methods against those criminals and traitors who bribe the judges and control the Media, who can tell any lie against you, who do not recognize the Rule of Law, is a losing strategy. Each and every one of them needs to be treated with extreme prejudice.

    If you are a small group, so what? Learn about the Japanese ninjas, use the skills of the US Army Rangers and Green Beret and LARP’s. Find them, follow them home and take them out. It’s an even better sport than golf or baseball. But keep an eye on who the enemy is and where he can be found. The Enemy wants to kill you and your entire family. And you want to use “politics” against him? 🙂


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