Pornography: A Problem With A Solution

Pornography has become almost as common and accepted as watching television. It is not only societally acceptable to consume pornography, but subscriptions to sites like OnlyFans have become encouraged as a way to support young women who have been brainwashed into believing the lie that it is an empowering and easy way to make fast cash. Selling one’s body is one of the lowest lifestyles that a woman can have, and it hurts both the men who become addicted to it and the women who are tricked into turning themselves into pure sexual objects. It is difficult to blame the young men who are brainwashed into watching it at such a young age, it is the easiest drug to access by far, yet it is no less addicting.

Nearly 70% of men consume porn at least once a week, which is quite unsurprising when put into perspective how easy it is to obtain access to such sexual materials online. This takes advantage of men and their visual nature, which makes pornography irresistible to the majority of them. As addictive as it is, men tend to view more and more hardcore pornography the more they consume it, creating a vicious cycle that most do not have the willpower to break. Watching more extreme and explicit pornography further perverts the mind, and eventually, the need to consume it becomes impossible to ignore. Why attempt to find a relationship that eventually leads to marriage, actual sex, and children when you have the power at your fingertips to access millions of videos containing everything you could imagine?

This, among other problems, has led to a steady decline in the nuclear family. We cannot expect Americans of European descent to maintain wholesome relationships while pornography damages our people’s minds. Pornography must, without exception, be banned and made illegal for consumption. 

Though this is a radical solution, it is a necessary one. Pornography is a whole ecosystem of evils that society is simply much better without. Though many will be opposed to this idea, it is feasible. The state of Utah has already managed to pass a law banning porn on cell phones. By implementing technology in Utah-made cell phones, they have made it possible for phones to self-regulate pornography websites and to simply provide a blank screen if pornography is attempted to be watched. If legislation like this were to be enacted nationwide, it would send a clear message that pornography is unacceptable and goes against our American values of the traditional family and strong moral character. 

A pornography addiction always carries significant and dangerous side effects, and we as a culture cannot expect our children, who view pornography at the average age of 8 years old, to be able to resist such a powerful force that their friends and media declare acceptable. Instead, we must protect our youth. This will take the heavy burden from their shoulders and bypass the hurts that they will inevitably endure if pornography continues to be legalized.

Much like the United States government, the porn industry is in large part controlled by the Jewish population, which is ironic considering that they ban pornography in their own country. They force it down our throats and put it absolutely everywhere they can while making it illegal for their own people to access it. They do this on purpose, to corrupt White Americans while they further advance their own people. They are using porn as a weapon to devolve our society into a degenerate, anti-reproduction culture. We must recognize the dangers of this manipulation, and work as hard as we can to overcome it, and focus on increasing our birth rate.

There is a reason why the Jewish population works so hard to advance the porn industry while suppressing it in Israel. They know how destructive and unhealthy it is, and how quickly the habit can grow into a need. We should take the hint from Israel, and follow their example. 

The American Freedom Party takes a firm, unapologetic stance on pornography, on its dangers, the huge problems it creates in society and the solution we must take to destroy this evil. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is simply impossible if one develops an addiction to porn. It is a drug more dangerous than many due to it’s banality coupled with its extreme effects, and it must be treated as such. It is being used as a weapon by our enemies, who seek to destroy the wholesome, White society that our ancestors worked so hard to build. 

The porn industry is being run by those who take great delight in hooking our young men into their degenerate lifestyles and vices, and take pleasure in coordinate the debasement and ruining of pretty young White girls who in a cleaner and more moral age would be happy newlyweds with a good man. The proliferation of pornography is part of a larger push to provide an alternative to relationships, this in combination with depressing mens masculinity, and women being told to focus on education instead of raising a family, has caused our birth rate has gone down drastically. This is not a coincidence, and it has been very successful. Soon, Whites will be a minority within their own country, and America will become a very different place. Already, it is almost completely unrecognizable from the America of seventy years ago. 

To reconstruct our society, banning pornography is a necessary first step. It will aid in healing the minds of our people and is a vital course of action to saving our country and its people. Our culture of sexualization must be destroyed in the harshest terms possible. 

We must stop this ever-growing motion to destroy our nation and our people, and the American Freedom Party will work tirelessly to achieve this goal. Join us, and fight for our posterity.

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