Response to SOTU 2022

Last night, President Biden delivered a state of the union address filled with gaffs, stuttering, and mumbling, a speech that attempted to unify and give a message of hope.

This all falls on deaf ears however. In an time of skyrocketing inflation, crime, and illegal immigration; and possibility of war on the horizon, Biden’s promises last night were merely lip service to the Right. In an unexpected turn, he called for securing the border and funding the police. This is merely a further example of the false divide among the two parties. Come election season, politicians on both sides of the aisle will tell the voters what they want to hear, and completely reverse course after the election.

Addressing rising gas prices, Biden told the American People “we’re going to be okay”. How does he expect Americans to survive a massive increase in gas prices that will cripple the budgeting of so many already living paycheck to paycheck? While the President was drumming for war against Russia, the historic American Nation suffers. Our sons, and now even our daughters, are being sent to Eastern Europe for the possibility of another European brother war. Rural America suffers under crumbling infrastructure, inflation, and skyrocketing food and gas prices; all which will be worsened under the new sanctions announced tonight. To add further insult to injury to our people, Biden flaunted his new black woman nomination for the Supreme Court. It is clear we do not have proper representation, nor leadership; however, the American Freedom Party is working to rectify that.

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