“Nation. Freedom. Order.” Poster


These posters are provided for activists to print out and distribute on their own. Please follow all local laws regarding posters/pamphlets/stickers.

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The United States was founded by and for White-Americans🇺🇸

The AFP rejects both the Democratic and Republican parties, with the acknowledgment that both actively work against the Heritage-American People, and instead, we fight for the rebirth of our dying Nation.

The most important characteristic of a nation is its people, and we recognize our people’s very existence is under dire threat. The preservation of our heritage is vital to our posterity, and only by awakening our national identity will we be granted the opportunity to change course in the present.

Our mission is clear and essential. We have taken on this endeavor with the understanding that our eventual victory is vital for the success of the American People. Join now to fight for your People! 🇺🇸