How to Save America: Repatriation

At this point in time, the United States is undergoing a so-called “racial reckoning.” In the past year, this movement has sprouted from BLM riots, but in the background, a more fundamental transformation is taking place through rapid demographic change. This chaos in our country is a predictable result of importing people who have a grudge against the White American People and the very concept of Western Civilization. Most of the new arrivals are apathetic to its fate and claim to be in search of a better life. But at the same time, many of them actively advocate for changing America’s values and culture to be more like their own. There is a reason they flee from their home countries, but their ironic desire to change this country shows their deep ingratitude and complete lack of appreciation for the society that our people created. 

The influx of immigrants has proven that differing cultures simply cannot mix and that the overall quality of life is dramatically decreased by their presence. It is not a coincidence that there are much higher rates of crime and overall degeneracy in areas with more immigrants, and this is a trend that we have allowed to continue for far too long. It has gotten to the point where the idea of America is in danger. Those here illegally, who obtained citizenship by dubious means must be deported, their presence is a crime, and must be treated as such. Our immigration laws are abysmal and must be reformed with the American Nation’s interests in mind. 

It is important to note that this country was founded for and by Europeans. America, her culture, and her values will cease to exist if its founding stock is replaced, which is the underlying reason that the establishment champions more immigration flowing into this country. Just recently, millions of illegal aliens were approved under the Biden administration for citizenship, and under his immigration bill, illegal immigration is not only accepted but encouraged. When White Americans become the minority in their own country, the state may still exist as an entity, but the very texture of life would be irreversibly changed to the point where our ancestors would not recognize it. This much should be obvious to anyone with any nationalist leanings. 

The question then becomes how we can morally reverse the damage that has been done to this country and provide a solution to the ongoing problem. It is not an exaggeration to say that drastic measures must be taken to ensure our future, and although it may sound impossible, there is a solution. Repatriation, incentivizing nonwhites to return to their ancestral homelands, must be used to restore our people’s control to the country our ancestors built. The GOP has been a strong proponent of legal immigration and is part of this problem. They have shown that they have weak wills and are spineless cowards, and the left has been met with little to no resistance. Both parties welcome immigrants and support a path to citizenship. This strategy is simply an effort to appear willing to compromise, to emphasize their anti-Whiteness and anti-Americanness, but it is a losing one. Until we can successfully implement a repatriation plan, our demographic problems will get worse and the odds will grow more and more in the enemy’s favor.

The program will be completely voluntary for nonwhites legally residing in the United States. This policy would be most taken advantage of by those who would feel uncomfortable in a reborn American state. We wish them well, we do not seek to impose an order on foreigners that do not want to participate, and instead, this policy is a way for those unhappy with America to escape her instead of destroying her. Here is how the proposed policy should work:

If a person wishes to move back to a country in Africa,  Latin America, or any other, the cost to move there would be covered by the United States government, along with compensation for their alienated property, and a little extra added on so that they can get an advantageous start in their new country. If possible, we could set up a job and business training program so that they can use those skills to help improve their home country. Within the terms of this agreement, the repatriated person would renounce their US Citizenship and would agree to never seek residency in the US ever again. 

Although this policy carries a lot of costs that the taxpayers would be wary of, Americans would benefit from it greatly. The costs of sustaining a large nonwhite underclass would be dampened with every person that decides to return to their homeland, and this cost would be greatly balanced out by the jobs that would become available to true Americans. Well over $200 billion goes to illegal immigration costs every single year for the American taxpayers, this is criminal. Charging the actual citizens of a State for the cost of people illegally entering the country is absolutely unacceptable, not to mention giving them free healthcare along with countless other benefits. The American People are being robbed, as we continue to be law-abiding citizens. Immigrants cause shocking increases in crime, a significant flow of illegal drugs into America, and a decrease in the quality of life. This is just to name a few of the problems that they create, and with the policy of repatriation, crime rates would decrease substantially, and our ability to continue living as free, White Americans would be restored, our heritage would be preserved, and our prosperity protected.

Voluntary repatriation is necessary and moral. It allows those who would feel unwelcome in a Nationalist America a way out. In the country’s present state, people who hate the American Nation are allowed to inhabit our state and receive benefits regardless, and their hypocrisy at simultaneously condemning America for its past and prospering from it is unbearable. If our people are going to be spending money on these foreign populations, we must receive something in return. Our generosity should not be taken advantage of like this. This is the only possible way to halt the fundamental transformation of the country our ancestors built, and its takeover by people who fundamentally despise it. Choose to preserve our nation and its identity before it is too late. Join the American Freedom Party in this endeavor and preserve our people.

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