South Africa: A Dire Lesson

Recently, the country of South Africa has undergone a deadly series of riots that have left many dead, and many more without livelihoods or means of survival. The few articles published all contain a variety of the same question, why did this happen? How has this once-thriving country been brought to the brink of collapse? This answer may seem like it would be complicated, full of economic theories and complex ideas that add up to nothing, but in reality, the explanation is simple: demographics. Demographics are destiny, and if we do not quickly change the course of our Nation, South Africa’s fate will become our destiny.

South Africa is a unique country for a variety of reasons, the main one being the infamous apartheid that ruled the area until fairly recently. The White population remained firmly in control of the nation’s government despite their minority status until it became a democratic nation in 1994 after years of internal resistance and violence. We were to believe that all was well, that the severe injustice that South African Blacks endured under the White rule was finally at its end and that Whites should be repentant for their sins. No longer were Blacks to be servants, but instead, a racial brotherhood was achieved and equality was finally realized. The question then becomes why has unrest continued to endure in South Africa, and what led up to the horrific riots that nearly destroyed civilization. 

Black rule in South Africa was instituted after the apartheid’s end, and since, there has been a systematic genocide of Whites in the country. White farmers have particularly been under attack, and a staggering number of farmers and their families have been brutally murdered and harassed. This was not the racial brotherhood they were promised, but of course, they did not make the decision. They are suffering the consequences of the decisions of those in power, who chose temporary comfort over their principles. The rich and powerful chose to maintain their luxurious lifestyles by giving in to political pressure. In other words, Whites have been systematically persecuted and killed because it was cheaper, and because large corporations and subverted churches encouraged it.

For far too long, the White population in South Africa has been living in horrendous conditions as crime rates have skyrocketed, and they live in fear with the uneasy knowledge that any day they could be murdered for simply existing. Those who strongly encouraged the end of the apartheid and the institution of Black power have yet to break their silence on the many deaths on their blood-ridden hands. Of course, we must realize that Whites submissively stood by as this happened before their very eyes. They were fooled and misled into believing this would achieve newfound peace, that their country would be a tranquil paradise, and as a consequence, their children are paying for it dearly.

If this does not sound familiar, then you are not paying attention. In America, we are living this exact same situation, and it cannot be overstated how we must view South Africa as a lesson. If we do not change our course, this is our future. It is happening right now as further diversity and immorality are pushed upon us at every turn, as companies meet their quota of people of color on their boards, as the minorities are gaining more power, and as mass immigration makes us the minority. Whites are being prepared at this very moment to become a minority as they are overlooked for jobs and college acceptances, and we cannot wait until it is too late to reverse this damage, because by then it will no longer be reversible.

As Whites in South Africa cry to their Black-led government for help, any help, they are being outright ignored and brushed away, as the government does not think it is their problem or duty to help Whites. Whites are considered evil colonizers, less than human, and they were betrayed by the politicians that they entrusted with their future. What is happening right now in America is mirrored so closely to South Africa’s past that it should be impossible to ignore. Their authorities consisted of preachers, politicians, and corporations sold out to keep their comfortable lifestyle instead of putting up any real resistance. Does this sound familiar? Is this not happening before our very eyes in our great country as it falls to our enemies? Instead of facing the hard truth, our elites continue to import cheap labor and fill their pockets. Eventually, the toll will be paid, but not by those that deserve it, but by us. They will be rewarded for their betrayal and willful ignorance of their responsibilities, and of course, they will be rich enough to either leave the mess they have created or at the very least live safely. The rest of the population will not have such privileges.

The elites of South Africa were extremely disinterested in living through the destiny that they created, and neither will ours. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans are willing to fight for us, and as mass media encourages submission, we are left to pick up the gauntlet and fight for our future. Sure, they may cast meaningless conservative votes, but when it comes down to it, they will abandon their principles in favor of their greed. South Africa is our lesson and our destiny, and it is what we and our children will have to live through.

As large corporations in America continue to use foreign labor to line their pockets so they are not forced to pay higher wages, they are willingly participating in this decline, and soon it will not be a gradual change. The riots we experienced in 2020 are only a small taste of our future, but it is not yet set in stone. Let us learn from South Africa and take their mistakes to heart. This is not hypothetical fearmongering, but instead the very real reality of what is to come. We must no longer stand submissively by, we must undertake this fight for our future and our people.

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