The Disease of Libertarianism

The current Republican Party has become synonymous with the party of lowering taxes and limited government, and this is why they are so ineffectual at battling the left. The Grand Old Party was not always like this, they used to be a stronghold of traditional, American values and were not afraid of using their power in government for good. Unlike the left, the current GOP is scared of using any such power and taking advantage of their status because they are terrified of being called fascist and totalitarian. Conservatism as a singular ideology has almost ceased to exist, and instead, we are left with these so-called conservative libertarians whose ideology consists of loving the gays and the guns and letting people do whatever they want.

In an ideal society, this mindset would not be so drastically harmful as this is today, but instead, it is giving the left exactly what it wants and needs. The Republican Party is one of lost opportunities, and while Democrats fight tooth and nail for the policies they want, the Republican administrations of the last two decades have accomplished nothing, and what little good changes they did make were quickly and easily reversed in the next administration. Libertarianism used to be a separate entity from the GOP, a third party laughed at and ignored. As a third party today, it is still not taken seriously, for good reason. They have the funding and are still a joke of a party. However, conservatives have incorporated libertarian views to concede to the left. There is no longer a concept of social conservatism in that party, there is only socially libertarian and fiscally conservative. This ideology has dominated the Republican Party for decades now, and popular establishment Republicans like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and even Donald Trump parrot those views.

This is not the fighting stance we need in order to reverse the damage done to our beautiful nation. This is a loser mentality, a weak narrative that exists solely as controlled opposition to simply appear they are fighting back when in reality, true patriots were expelled from that party long ago. We must ask ourselves if it is worth not being called names like Nazi, fascist, and authoritarian, to lose our identity as Americans. We must not be afraid to take the initiative and use the same tactics the left does to get what they want. In reality, we do not have much to lose, and it will be difficult if not impossible to get another right-wing leader in power. This is why the Republican Party has become a dead end because they are tantamount to the ineffectual Libertarian Party. Libertarianism has never been a serious stance in the political world, and the left knows this quite well. There is a reason why certain conservatives are allowed to become popular and gain a voice in the conservative movement, and if you take the time to notice, it is because they all essentially believe the same things.

Whereas the Republican Party used to strongly oppose marriage between homosexuals, it is now considered forbidden to express any sort of anti-homosexual position in mainstream politics. To be a conservative and to not be shut down, you must at least politically believe love conquers all, and the most popular argument heard is that the government should not be involved in marriage. “The government should not be policing morality,” they say. “The government should stay out of people’s personal lives,”  they say. Over and over, these statements are parroted by “conservatives” and have been a Republican Party line. This is fake conservatism. This brand of conservatism has done nothing to actually conserve our traditional American values which make this country so great. Not only are they not effective, but they are also dangerous. They sway the youth by saying immorality is acceptable because it should not be policed and allow the left to continue to cause irreversible destruction to the United States. Truthfully, the only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans now is time. In ten years, the GOP will undoubtedly espouse the current talking points of the left.

We no longer have representation in the government. No entity places value in traditionalism; instead, we have weak, semi-conservative libertarian leaders who say America is just an idea and have a complete lack of nationalist ideology. America the Beautiful is not just an idea–it is a country our ancestors founded with their blood for their descendants. This is a concept Republicans find distasteful because saying America is just a notion and America is for everyone is what pleases their capitalist overlords as they have an unlimited amount of cheap labor. Make no mistake, we believe the United States was founded as one nation under God, and we have the courage and the will to preserve her, unlike the Republican-Libertarian Party. We must not squander America as the GOP has, we will strive to protect her as our forefathers did before us.

We must begin this mission by rejecting libertarianism and condemning it in the strongest terms possible. The libertarian ideology is one that excuses debauchery and corruption. To hold libertarian values is to wish for our beautiful country to be flooded with drugs, our citizens to be encouraged to sin, and our children to be put in danger. We need to recognize libertarianism as a form of surrender and to espouse libertarian values, you concede to the left. Conservative libertarianism is a false perversion of traditionalism and real conservatism, in which we endeavor to honor our ancestors’ sacrifice to form this great Nation and battle our enemies with a true force of will instead of weak excuses and spineless policies.

The American Freedom Party will not be told what to believe in order to be politically correct. When we call ourselves nationalists, it is not an empty umbrella term that also means libertarian. It means we are traditionalists, we love our country, and that we will fight to protect it. To us, it means our future and the safety of our posterity, and that is what it should mean to anyone else who loves America. Preserve our nation. Fight for her honor and your predecessors. Join the American Freedom Party.

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