The Harmful Effects of Pornography

While Pride Month reigns, social media feeds have been flooded with subliminal messaging about accepting perverse sexualities and identities. This year in particular there has been a noticeable trend in targeting children with these messages and introducing them to the topics of transgenderism and homosexuality at an early age for more effective indoctrination. By introducing children to the concept of sex and identity so early, the topics of sexual education and pornography come with it. Pornography is incredibly dangerous and addicting, and introducing the concept of it to children creates lifelong issues with unhealthy perspectives on marriage and family.

The people behind the scenes of the pornography industry do this with a purpose in mind and ill intent. It is not about making money, it is about exploiting young girls and the people who consume it. By creating taboo and increasingly explicit pornographic situations, they create a disgusting and damning narrative about familial relationships, and it is not by chance that they focus on making younger girls appear more attractive and interracial relationships seem more exciting. By promoting cheating, incest, and other such extreme vulgarity, it is an addictive drug that corrupts the mind and soul of the consumer. When introduced to it young, it is even harder to comprehend the dangers and the innate wrongness of what one is seeing. Children are innocent and should never be exposed to the instability this creates.

The sexual liberation movement has led to a societal acceptance of the so-called ‘new drug,’ aptly named for its compulsive nature. It ruins relationships and it twists anything wholesome. Seeing sensuality everywhere, from the media to advertisements to pornography itself, has led to younger and younger people having sex. Nothing is off-limits anymore, and internet consumerism has caused this trend to increase exponentially. People recovering from a pornographic addiction oftentimes struggle with depression, guilt, and the same issues that one faces when attempting to stop consuming any other type of drug. The porn industry is an incredibly evil one, and its mission is to corrupt as much American youth as they possibly can. The wholesome, Christian value of spousal intercourse has been spoiled and destroyed, and instead young White women being corrupted is seen as appealing and sought after. Many young women are being encouraged to work in the sex industry, and new sites like OnlyFans are making it all too easy. Young women are constantly post revealing and compromising images of themselves online without thinking through the consequences because they are not warned about them. 

The messages of the pornography itself also noticeably contain leftist values. By making interracial relationships seem cool and exciting, and a White woman cheating on her husband with a Black man thrilling, it is advocating for such behavior and a further decrease in White identity and heritage. Using pornography as an escape from the world and real relationships leads to a life of unfulfillment–a road without a healthy marriage and the blessing of children. It is an imitation of reality, a distasteful perversion of real life. Instead, just like a drug such as cocaine, it leads to an escalation of behavior and a need for more and more, and eventually, it feels as if there is no end in sight.

This should never be the case, and cultural reform is desperately needed to save our posterity. A strict ban on pornography must be decreed, but the process to that eventual ban may have to come in steps. It must eventually be a federal ban, but the rest of the states need to follow Utah’s example and see that this is indeed possible to implement on the technology we use in our everyday life. Though we will receive pushback and protest on this issue, this is proof it is a needed change. Pornography should never have been allowed to become as widespread as it is today, and the only way to institute a cultural reset is an outright ban on consumption and the industry in general. As it is, it is a breeding ground for degeneracy and it is completely worth the fight it will take to accomplish this goal.

Instead, we must once again start to emphasize the importance of family values and a strong Christian identity, which will create a healthy and unified society of restored American values. Make no mistake, we must not compromise in this endeavor, and we must understand that the people in power of the porn industry are vile in the highest degree imaginable, and we must hold them in contempt for their actions. Their distortion of family values and what makes America great is a reflection of their commitment to destroying this country, and they are resolute in this movement. There is undoubtedly a culture war occurring at this very moment, and we are losing because our representatives are too weak-willed to take action.

The utter depravity of pornography is immoral enough, but it is the very much intended consequences of its consumption that make it truly reproachable. It is not an accident it disrupts relationships–it is designed to.  It was created with the intent in mind of subverting marriage and families, and it does so successfully. Nothing about pornography is real, but it rewires the brain to use it for happiness instead of actual relationships and success. Pornography also encourages prostitution and the abuse of young girls, and every facet of it is despicable. It is an industry full of corruption beyond the wildest imagination.

It is very possible to recover from ongoing pornography addiction, and it is incredibly important to do so in the hopes of finding true happiness and forming tangible relationships. The consumers of pornography can hardly be blamed for falling into the trap that is pushed upon us everywhere we look, but they also must be encouraged to fight back against this addiction. Though it may be a shameful admittance and takes a moral will to fight back, judgment must be withheld in these cases, and instead, a newfound philosophy of healing can be implemented to help those affected. One of the reasons why it can be so difficult to acknowledge a problem with pornography is because it is not considered an issue, and there is a culture of shame surrounding porn consumption that was premeditatively put in place to stop one from seeking help.

Instead of falling victim to this vicious cycle, understand that the blame lies within the industry. We must take action against it if we have any hope to regain our Western ethics in America. A federal ban must be implemented to stop and reverse the substantial damage our culture has taken from the widespread consumption of pornography. Join the American Freedom Party as we fight for our present and future and take on what no one else is willing to do.

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