The Indictment of a Depraved System

With tensions already at a record high in the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial, media incited Blacks and Antifa have been given another excuse to burn and loot the formerly Scandinavian stock city of Minneapolis about a year after their last costly attack. This time over the shooting of the young Black male Daunte Wright by female Minneapolis police officer Kimberly A. Potter. 

As the reality of the story crystallizes, we are met with a surprising turn of events. When any observant patriot sees media reports of “unarmed Black man brutally killed by a White police officer“ we expect to see the Black attempting to commandeer a policeman‘s firearm, violently resisting arrest, or hell, just running at the officer with his gun drawn. We do not expect to see an instance of a White woman proving herself unable to handle a high-pressure situation.

Mr. Wright being at first pulled over for an expired license plate registration was found to have a warrant out for his arrest, and was resisting the process of being cuffed. Before the irons were on, he began to struggle, climb directly back into his vehicle, and hit the gas. Officer Potter in response to this, pulled out her Glock, yelled “Taser! Taser! Taser!” and sent around directly into what appears to have been Mr. Wright’s abdomen. 

An unfortunate accident, and a misstep that will certainly color the rest of Mrs. Potter‘s life. Though it is a surprising bias confirmation for White Americans that have a sense of reality that women simply are not built for dangerous, high-stress jobs. It is yet another in a long list of examples that prove that women should not be involved with police work. In a dangerous, fast-paced environment, men are suited much better for such situations.

Although we can recognize that Mr. Wright was a complete fool to resist arrest and in starting his car which could have been used as a weapon could have been justifiably shot anyway, and let’s instead focus on Mrs. Potter. In the heat of the moment, Officer Potter mistook her large, boxy Glock 17 for her small, space-age-looking taser. It is obvious from the fearful and unmeasured way she expressed “Taser Taser! Taser!” that Officer Potter was panicked, and surprised by Mr. Wright’s sudden resistance, and made a fatal error, despite being in the force for twenty-five years.

A woman that had been in law enforcement for nearly three decades still made fatal errors in what is probably a situation she had already experienced before. This is simply another example that women should not be involved in fields of work where death is a likely outcome, whether for themselves or another. It is foolish and immoral to have women involved in such fields. Policing, the military, manual work jobs such as coal mining, etc… only a dysfunctional and/or depraved society could even conceive of such a thing, and our society has the stripes of both dysfunctionality and depravity. Of course, it is not Mrs. Potter‘s fault, even though she chose the profession, she should have never been given the option to join or been told that it was a good choice. 

The real people to blame for this incident are the media, the prostitute politicians, and the police department leadership. The media of the 1960s and 70s for creating the Women’s liberation movement led to the acceptance of women in such roles. The fault lies with the politicians during the 60s and 70s for not providing leadership to the American people and taking action against the previously mentioned astroturfed movement. Finally, guilt belongs to the current Minneapolis police department for putting a woman in harm’s way, to begin with.

We need to dispense with all this lunacy. Mrs. Potter should be seeing her sons off to college or witnessing the birth of her first grandchild by now, instead of being sent out to subdue degenerates and ne’er-do-wells on the street. Even though her mistake is her responsibility, it is ultimately a sign that things are very, very wrong. This comes from decades of encouraging women to essentially occupy professions that are the responsibility of men, and for good reason. Society points out a certain profession is mostly male as if it is an issue that needs to be resolved. This leads to further, serious problems such as completely changing the fitness test to be in the military and unjustified shootings due to panic. Men should occupy these more confrontational professions because they are more suited to such work and are more expendable both morally and socially. It is this corrupt system’s fault, a system which we will abolish, and in its place set up a system that is moral, reasonable, and valorous. A system where women are not pressured into being less feminine to take on roles that belong to men, and instead, encouraged to embrace their femininity and focus on raising families.

Help us in this endeavor, join the American Freedom Party.

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