The Patriot’s True Relationship with Corporations

Since Reagan, the American Right has branded itself as the champion of Capitalism, and as the defenders of the corporations that drive the modern market economy. 

While we could analyze data to support the positive or negative effects that the financialization of America may have had on the economy, that is not our purpose here. Our purpose is to discuss the culture that has resulted from the concentration of wealth in a few major corporations, and the effects of that culture on our people. We do not propose a return to a certain economic model; we merely want to understand our current situation and how we should relate to corporations today. 

I think we can all agree at the outset that the continued existence of our people, and the freedom of our people — to determine their destiny and to engage in the activities that make life meaningful to them — are far more important than how many extra cars or trucks or spare bedrooms we can purchase. There are other metrics to measure the health and wellbeing of a people other than their net income, the standard of living, or how costly consumer goods are. 

For one thing, the White American fertility rate has not improved since the financialization of the economy kicked in in the 1980’s. Marriage rates got slightly better for a time, but they have since collapsed. Immigration from the Third World has picked up speed, and is now conquering the white collar professions. Young White people are more directionless than ever. The wealth gap has grown, and the wages for our working class family men have been the hardest hit. By any objective measure, our people are dying in the current system, no matter how many cheap t-shirts or extra flavors of cereal they can buy. Corporations, meanwhile, are squeezing every last drop of productivity from White Americans before they replace us with more docile foreign workers.

We do not deny that many of us White Americans work for and in many cases have founded corporations that provide us with a livelihood, nor do we claim that all corporations or a free market economic system are innately evil. Far from it. However, most corporations are either sit idly by as we face decline and extinction, are actively advancing and benefiting from our decline, or are attempting to appease the anti-white system. 

We haven’t even broached the subject of political censorship by corporate America and political power in the government, and its eagerness not only to bow to social justice warriors, but to take on the role of political censors themselves and root out anyone who might be guilty of wrong-think. Corporate America has bought wholesale into the idea that diversity is our strength and that strong childless women are the future, and anyone who says otherwise deserves to be thrown out on the street. 

Then there is the fact that corporate America today isn’t very American. Corporate power today is akin to that of the Catholic Church’s power during the Middle Ages. Much like the Church, corporations are not beholden to any one state; they operate transnationally. Much like the Church’s headquarters were stationed on the Italian Peninsula leading to Italy’s leading role in the champion of Catholicism, the world’s mega-corporations are stationed in a few big cities in the United States. This has led to America’s corporate power having a parasitic relationship with the American State, to the point that they have co-opted the entire government to exist for their benefit, at the expense of the American people. 

Of course, Corporate America provides important services that our basket case of a government cannot. Corporations simply are better organized and have much better products and services than our State can currently provide, so much so that we have become dependent on them. This puts us in the precarious position where they now have the power to not only censor speech and confiscate property, but the government is incapable and unwilling to respond appropriately. The politicians running the government have neglected their duties in exchange for bribes and less responsibility. As a result instead of corporations being subject to the will of the nation, the nation is subject to the will of moneyed interests. 

America needs now, more than ever, a strong nationalistic state that can bring corporations into line with patriotic values. We need to police corporate behavior, expose and punish corporate corruption, and ensure that corporations based in America are operating for America and not at America’s expense. This is a monumental task, but a necessary and urgent one. It begins with patriotic Americans breaking with the conditioning that has taught them to be the cheerleaders of global capitalists who are looting what remains of this country’s wealth. It means stopping the fussing over the latest “socialism” and beginning to think about policies that put our people, not “the economy,” first. 

We, at the American Freedom Party, at this time do not seek to organize the perfect economic policy, but we can point out that our current system is not working for us. Patriots must cease this worshiping of capitalism and denouncing of socialism, instead Americans must embrace a third position. Americans can not continue bowing to the corporate world’s every demand. Corporations are not patriotic, they are every White American’s adversary, and must be fought in our struggle for freedom and survival.

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