The Republican Party is a Dead End

With Biden’s inauguration coming up, much of President Trump’s base is almost as fired up as they were in 2016, despite Trump’s many failings to live up to the expectations of the nationalist agenda that earned him the election win four years ago. Some of those mistakes have occurred very recently, such as his passive signage of the coronavirus relief bill that sends so much overseas to nations that have not and will never do the same for us, and so little to the hardworking American people whose tax dollars fund the government. Unfortunately, this did not come as much of a surprise to many on our side, as Trump’s continuous refusal to actually take action and make good on his promises has long since made the dissident right pessimistic about what used to be considered the new hope for White America. 

In 2016, we saw an ignition of the working class and primarily White citizens as the presidential nominee claimed to be different from the rest of the politicians, and attempted to set himself apart from the establishment GOP and speak for the working class. As his time in office is drawing to a permanent close, it begs the question of how much Trump actually changed the Republican Party, and where they will go from here. Arguably, Trump himself did not make a significant difference, especially for White Americans, but his presidency did make previously known problems much more conspicuous. We have long since known that the establishment GOP is ineffective, greedy, and does not look far past their own self-interest. 

Other than the fanatic MAGA believers who have yet to give up on Trump, most normal decent White Americans are members of the Republican Party because it is presented to them as the only alternative to the viciously anti-white Democrats, instead of holding genuine loyalty to the GOP. But unfortunately, the GOP has not truly been working for the benefit of White Americans for several decades, and they do not deserve our loyalty. The post-Trump GOP will continue to pander to the left and embrace a more diverse country because ultimately the GOP is staffed with cynical career politicians that simply want to remain on the gravy train rather than stand for real principals. They are more than happy to sell out White Americans and bring in more immigration if it means a continuation of their power, and they will not stand up for us. 

Truthfully, the Republican Party no longer serves our interest, much less promotes our traditional values. It is time to stop supporting them in the hopes that they will ever attempt to serve the true American people. They will continue to make hollow promises to the American working class each election cycle, only to forget about us as soon as it is over, just as they have been doing all along. This will not change once Trump leaves office, and White Americans should start to view the GOP as another tool of the enemies of our people. It is high time we start looking at other options and stop giving these people our support. Instead, we must band together as a people if we have any hope of preserving what we love about this country. The American Freedom Party, and other such dissident organizations like Patriot Front and Revolt Threw Tradition, are the future for White Americans. America was once the greatest country in the world, and she can be again if we unite to save her.

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