The True Nature of Freedom

When our honorable Founding Fathers formulated the core ideas of our state, they made them based on the values of freedom and the rule of law. In modernity, those values have been increasingly debated in our culture. One idea that most can agree on is the reality that America has been experiencing a sharp decline for a while now. Oftentimes the original concept of freedom is blamed as the reason for this decline, but it carries far more complexity than that. People tend to ignore the historical context that accompanies the founding of this country and the origin of these values. At the time, there was an entirely different conception of freedom as well as an expectation of commitment from the people, as a whole, to preserve this Nation and our true beliefs.

When examining the historical context and the importance it has over us today, we must first discuss the ideas of freedom. Our modern conception of the idea of freedom has been perverted and twisted by the influencers of popular culture. The modern conception of freedom in America has become identical to the libertarian belief that anybody should be allowed to do anything even if said behavior is socially destructive, degenerate, or self-destructive as long as it is not directly endangering the life of another person. This is not the freedom our founding fathers envisioned. When they emphasized freedom, our founding fathers were also thinking about preserving virtue and attaining greater levels of morality. Their citizens would have agency and autonomy, but that should be used for the greater good, not as an excuse to behave poorly and cause society to degenerate. The word of virtue is key, as it is a word often cited by the Founding Fathers when writing on the subject of freedom. In reality, this is what the pursuit of happiness meant, the pursuit of happiness was the pursuit of virtue. It is the undertaken endeavor of greater levels of health, the pursuit of greater levels of prosperity, and striving towards greater levels of moral strength. It is the pursuit of greater levels of long-lasting and wholesome well-being. This is an incredibly different belief from the hedonistic concept of the modern libertarian concept of freedom. 

This accurate conception of freedom is something no nationalist-minded individual would ever take issue with. If this conception of freedom persisted today, many of our social problems having to do with hedonism would most likely not exist. Regrettably, however, this idea of liberty did not persist. The reasons and roadmap to decay should be quite clear to an observant patriot, and it is where our Founding Fathers’ folly comes into play. Our forefathers did not conceive of a world where mass media had such an all-encompassing power over the thoughts of the people, and how most would fall away from the church, leading them to have an almost nonexistent moral conscience. They never felt it necessary to build institutions that would safeguard the virtue of the people. Our predecessors relied on the churches and the people themselves to maintain a hunger for virtue and truth within the Nation. The reality many decades later saw the enemies of our people build and gain control over institutions and then leverage new levels of power via evolving media outlets, and thus a dangerous downward spiral began.

They first began eroding the moral character of our people with the decadence of the 1920s, with their speakeasies and their veneration of criminals. This continued decade after decade with new temptations and tactics. Moving into the 30s, they accomplished victory over moralism with the repeal of Prohibition, and the slow relinquishment of certain freedoms under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s regime. Next came the cultural revolution of the 1960s, and the descent into immorality and decadence continued, creating looseness by casualizing and degrading people’s dress and manners. This in turn made everything less professional and less disciplined. Even more corruptions of freedom followed, with the definition of autonomy encompassing the idea that a person should be able to use drugs like marijuana, pornography, and more. As we move into the modern-day, we recognize the dangers of this immorality pushed into the American people’s minds, and it is in full force. We are repeatedly told that legislating any sort of morality is a harsh attack against freedom and that it is the American way to behave in such a corrupt manner. This is false and just another attempt to subvert the American consciousness. The American way is the pursuit of greater levels of virtue, greater levels of morality, and wholesomeness.

We can recognize the Founding Fathers did not have the foresight to predict such a decline, but we should not be too critical, one could not possibly expect them to predict all of this. Such moral decay had not happened since the Roman Empire, and many historically believed it was a result of their pagan religion. Since this same sort of depraved downward spiral has also happened to our great Nation, it is quite clear that paganism was not the cause. We should look at our founders with respect, but also understand it is our duty as the sons of those great men to fix and reverse the trajectory our people have been sent down. Just as a revolution was necessary to install the ideas of true virtuous freedom, another revolution is necessary to restore it and fix the mistakes the Founding Fathers unwittingly made. 

This revolution will probably not necessitate steel and shot in the way the Revolution of 1776 did, but it will be a revolution nonetheless. It will be a revolution of the spirit, a revolution we need to take up with courage in order to obtain victory. Morality-guiding institutions must be built into the very fabric of the state if we are to seriously improve and reverse the decline of our once great Nation. The restoration of true freedom, the reinstatement of order, and the rebirth of the American Nation will and must take place, but it cannot be done alone. Every ounce of support counts in this fight to save our people; join the fight to build a new brighter future for a reborn American Nation!

Hail Columbia!

Hail Victory!

Thomas Hale

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