Who Holds the Power in Biden’s Cabinet?

White Americans today come from a variety of religious backgrounds — Protestant, Catholic, none, and other — and while we should work together despite our differences, there is no denying that the historical America was a White Protestant nation. 

With White Protestantism being such a founding part of this country’s social fabric, it is disheartening to see absolutely zero White Protestant representation in the Biden Cabinet:

Out of the 21 positions:

  • Seven are Whites with a Catholic background (33%)
  • Six are Jewish (28.5%)
  • Four are Hispanic (19%)
  • Three are Black (14.3%)
  • Two are Asian (9.5%)
  • Zero are White with a Protestant ethnic background.

Biden, an old Irish Catholic, still likes to portray himself as a plucky Catholic underdog standing up to a supposed WASP establishment. This is evidenced by his repeated campaign stories of him as an Irish Catholic upstart, and may be one reason why he has staffed his Cabinet with a sizable number of Catholics.

The other groups on the list, with the exception of Jews, also have a reasonable representation compared to their proportion of the population. It’s only White Protestants, who are the largest ethno-religious group in the U.S., that have no representation. But far more alarming is the Jewish representation: Jews make up less than 2% of the American population and nearly 30% of the cabinet, for a 1500% overrepresentation.

Jewish overrepresentation in government, especially in the judiciary, is nothing new, but the overrepresentation in a president’s cabinet has never been so high. This should make all perceptive American citizens concerned for two main reasons: first, because the current war on free speech is driven by Jewish organizations, and second, because historically the primary drivers for foreign wars for the past several decades have been Jewish, often promoted as “wars for democracy.”

Jews often preferred to play a background role in the transformation of society, but when they feel their interests are especially threatened — or when Jews feel they can assault society with impunity — they step into the fore and fill the lead roles in that transformation. 

Take the war on free speech for example: During the past few years the ADL (a Jewish political pressure organization) has taken up the task of censoring political speech on the social media giants Facebook and Twitter, to name only two. This censorship has now gotten so intense that even the former President and milquetoast conservatives are losing their access to these major platforms. 

As bad as the online censorship is, it pales in comparison to the plans that may lie in the future for patriotic Americans. As of this writing, legislation is being considered that will label a large proportion of patriotic Americans domestic terrorists. The Jewish elements in Biden’s cabinet are concentrated in positions that are responsible for duties that include domestic “terror” surveillance — the Directory of the CIA, Director of National Intelligence, the Chief of Homeland Security, etc. 

What should we expect as a result of this? FEMA camps in North Dakota are not likely, but the ever-expanding definition of “white supremacy” to include anyone on the political right, in order to justify social media mobs working to get such people fired from their jobs, is more than within the realm of possibility. As it currently stands, people who merely went to the Capitol to protest on January 6, and did not even enter the Capitol building, are losing their jobs. We can expect that a right-wing post on a Facebook thread could lead to any average American being fired from his corporate job. Those who are more popular online may get the Ricky Vaughn treatment: they can be outright arrested for being funny online. This will have the effect of intimidating patriotic White Americans into further self-censorship. This could limit the ability of any sane decent American to provide for their children. And it will dehumanize patriotic White Americans in the minds of their fellow citizens who are now being brainwashed to see anyone who flew a Trump 2020 flag as a “domestic terrorist.”

On the international front, we can expect the usual chicanery. The last time Jews held so much control was during the Clinton administration. This Jewish control directly led to half a million dying in Iraq as a result of harsh American sanctions and let’s not forget the criminal handling of the breakup of Yugoslavia, which saw the U.S. side with Muslims against Christians, setting the stage for the ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people from their historical territory. Not to mention the Clinton administration’s support for the genocidal regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

Today, the American appetite for war is at an all-time low, but we should not expect war with a Biden administration anyway. With the CIA and State Department controlled by Jews, we can expect various forms of soft power to help spread homosexuality, transgenderism, and other so-called “Western” values around the world. Already, the “Pride” flag is being flown at U.S. embassies. Iran, Russia — even Poland, and Hungary — may be sanctioned if they don’t tow the line with the homosexual, interracial agenda. We should not be surprised to see more Arab Spring-style colored revolutions rip apart the few stable countries remaining in the Near East, which will in turn unleash more invaders into Europe. Furthermore, a campaign of subversion will come to Iran, which will weaken and demoralize Israel’s last remaining serious threat to domination over the region.

As bad as it is, there is a ray of hope. For the first time in decades, White Americans are going to be directly confronted with the grim reality of Jewish power. Americans have not had any authentic interest in fighting for Israel in decades and have no taste for more international entanglements and immigration, but that is what they are going to get. At the same time, it is becoming harder and harder to hide the fact that it is the Jews who are behind the censorship and labeling of a large portion of White Americans as “domestic terrorists” reduced to a Kulak-like status. White Americans, much like Slavs a hundred years ago, are getting a strong dose of the reality of Jewish rule and will inevitably see that Jewish power dominates many aspects of their lives. Confronted with Jewish totalitarian rule, Americans will begin asking themselves important questions: 

  • Do Jews see themselves as Americans and as fellow Whites? Should Whites see Jews as White Americans or Other?
  • Has it been good for White Americans to have such a vast overrepresentation of Jews in their government? Are there any historical examples where this has occurred before?
  • How did Jews to take control over the highest echelons of government while keeping set-asides for minority groups and eliminating all vestiges of any WASP elite?
  • What do White Americans have to do to take our country back and set it in the right direction? 

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