Why Liberalism is More Destructive than Communism

Thirty-two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, mainstream conservatives still love to rant and rave about the threat of Communism and Socialism, but they do so without challenging the radical egalitarian underpinnings that characterize both Communism/Socialism and its counterpart which is the real threat, namely modern liberal “Progressivism.” It is a fact that mainstream conservatives are nothing but slightly less offensive radical egalitarians, whose long-term goals are nearly identical to those of progressives, which is a radical leveling of all of society’s hierarchies for the sake of the global marketplace and the people who control it.

Since virus talk is still in the air, it is useful to think of both Communism and Progressivism as differing strains of the same egalitarian mind-virus. Communism is the more acute form of the virus, and thus scarier to most people. It hits strongly and suddenly. It will temporarily paralyze society and may set it back many decades, but it will generally not kill society entirely. There will be lots of blood and gore visible to the public at times, and there will be a great lack of basic goods and services, but because the situation will be so extreme for so many people, society will muster up an appropriate immune response and typically recover. What’s more, when the society finally returns to normal, it will have acquired an immunity to radical egalitarian ideas—which is why places like Hungary and Poland, despite being inundated by Progressive propaganda, still manage to fight off the Progressive virus quite well.

On the other hand, Progressivism is the less scary, but more deadly, form of the virus. Rather than being acute, it is chronic. It comes on slowly and works its way through every organ of the body long before the host is even aware a virus is present. Yet it is there, in the background, working tirelessly to hijack every organ of the society to use for its ill purposes. Slowly but surely, it turns over every working hierarchy in society to push its radical egalitarian agenda. One of the reasons it can work well in the background is that it does not hamper economic activity too much, and thus most aspects of society continue functioning. Rather than overturning existing institutions, such as the courts and military, it just uses them for its ends, pushing its agenda further and further with each passing decade. What you end up with is radical egalitarianism throughout every single aspect of life, rather than just the economic. A society can survive economic egalitarianism, but it cannot survive sexual and racial egalitarianism, which bring about the eventual extinction of the people whom they infect.

Every country in the West has been infected with Progressivism, but Ireland of all places provides a stark contrast to the countries behind the Iron Curtain. Ireland was a traditionally Catholic country, much like Poland, until very recently, but its religious traditionalism did little to inoculate it against Progressivism. In fact, non-religious countries in Eastern Europe, such as Czechia, push back quite well against Progressivism, proving that is experience with Communism, and not Christian conservatism, which is the real reason why they successfully withstand Progressivism. Ireland, in a much shorter time than even Sweden, and without the starvation and bombings that forced Germany to get its thinking straight, has swiftly transitioned into a neoliberal hub for tax-evading global corporations, with racial guilt and replacement migration imposed on the native whites, and the promotion of feminism, homosexuality, and miscegenation. But they are getting richer in the process, at least temporarily, which makes resistance to this virus well-nigh impossible for the majority of the people who only care about short-term economic concerns.

Now, all of this will come off as very cynical and hopeless. America, after all, does not have a history with Communism and therefore does not have immunity to the Progressive mind virus either. But America is also the source of many of these ideas, or at least the breeding ground for them, and as a result, America has a native resistance to Progressivism that is not found in Canada, Continental Europe, or elsewhere. America’s resistance to Progressivism comes largely from a different, much milder form of the virus, which we might call Classical Liberalism. Having been so thoroughly infected with this virus, which is essentially endemic, much of the American public does resist radical egalitarianism as being opposed to the basic ideas of individual liberty. (The ideas of individual liberty may derive from egalitarianism but they are not as extreme in nature.)

This is why America’s pushback against radical egalitarianism almost always comes in the form of Classical Liberal or Libertarian ideas. But Libertarian ideas are inherently self-limiting and incapable of overthrowing the Progressive order of our time. Not only that, Libertarian ideas often further the Left’s agenda and serve as controlled opposition. While it may be easy to criticize Libertarians and individualists for these reasons, we have to realize that from the vast pool of people who loosely characterize themselves as something similar to Classical Liberals are those who must come our way to bring about the revival of America. One of the most basic ways that we achieve this is to show that only a political platform which preserves the historic white majority will be capable of delivering the basic freedoms and fundamental rights that Americans are used to enjoying. And only the long-term well-being of that majority can ensure that liberty will continue into the future.

Not every American is going to be motivated by demographic concerns, but when we put together all the things that motivate working people to care about—such as gun rights, speech codes, diversity quotas, and the general loss of a feeling of freedom, cohesion, and security—then we can put together a coalition that will have the will and power to preserve the historic American nation. 

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